They'll Never See It Coming Event prize kit

What’s this?

An event prize kit for 16 (or 32) players

Pack includes one of each item for the TO


Designed and produced in collaboration with SXVN, OPTiCALSiN and Cog'O'Two.  ||  ||

Optional extras

Bolster your event with optional metal beskar objective markers and/or some Starbird objective claim coins.

If you are expecting new players who will need flat objective tokens, 350gsm gloss card objective markers from Stay on Target... are available at no additional cost.

350gsm gloss-coated card featuring Imperial and Rebel targeting computer graphics

"A Mandalorian and a Jedi? Theyll never see it coming..."

How much do they cost?

£65 plus postage:

Optional extras:

Anything else?

Awesome! What do I do now?

If you’re a Tournament Organiser, email to order sets.

If you’re a player, ask your TO to get a set for your next local tournament, then simply show up and play!