They'll never see it coming...

A complete tournament kit themed to Ahsoka and The Mandalorian.

Battle of Yavin themed acrylic dial covers.

Making X-Wing "2.5" easy for everyone.

"This is a better quality kit than anything FFG have put out"

"Make the events feel great as they are better than most official prize kits"

"Ridiculously high quality gear"

"So good my wife who doesn't even like X-Wing commented how smart it was"

"Kit was so well received at store champs. Everyone super excited and impressed by the loot"

"Holy hell 🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱"

"ZOMG, I mean WOW!!!! There are S-Tier prizes and then there is this. These are smoking hot"

"Looks amazing on the gaming table"

"Prize support is difficult to keep fresh after the game has been running for a decade; you came up with some original gear and the execution was perfect"

"The best OP I have seen. 10/10"

"The card is so slick. Looks amazing, can't wait to get it on the table"

A set of objective markers, in two different designs depicting closed and open Jedi and Sith holocrons (double sided red/blue).

A Mandalorian-themed tournament prize support kit for up to 32 players.

A back catalogue of previous creations

About Pewtinni Parts

Pewtinni Parts started off as one guy wanting to make a simple alt art card to share with the community. That card (Echo, my first love) was so well received, and the creative design process so enjoyable, that more cards soon came. Metal cards, acrylic tokens, challenge coins, pandemic masks, and all sorts followed. When the covid pandemic receded and people started coming back to stores only to find that Atomic Mass Games had all but stopped providing Organised Play support, complete game night and tournament kits was the next step.

It's still one guy, but I've had amazing support from all around the X-Wing community. Special thanks to the 186th Squadron for being my X-Wing soulmates, Vector Squadron Creative for contributing to the tournament kits, Cog'O'Two and BuyTheSameToken for incredible acrylic gear, and every single tournament organiser and player who has bought something from me and allowed me to continue finding ways to support you - the players and community of this game we love.

If you see me across the table, say hi. You'll probably get something shiny in return. I fly by the name Looryl "Louie" Qrygg, for reasons beyond explanation.

Fly casual. Pew pew!

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